(Music+Video) Whole – Duyile Adegbuyi x Tomi Favored

London, United Kingdom – April 1, 2024

Duyile Adegbuyi and Tomi Favored, two prolific gospel artists, have joined forces to release a spiritually enriching single titled “Whole.” This captivating song is poised to make waves in the gospel music scene, offering a message of redemption, healing, and freedom.

“Whole” – A Song of Liberation: With a powerful chorus that echoes the proclamation of newfound wholeness in our Lord Christ Jesus, “Whole” delves deep into themes of divine healing, freedom, and salvation in its fullness. The song will ignite your spirit and inspire the souls of all the listeners to reflect on the transformative power of faith and declarations, couple with the boundless grace in our Lord and a grateful heart for His finished work accomplished through His death, burial, resurrection, ascension, and glorification. So may your entire life will be wholesome in Jesus Name!!! 

Duyile Adegbuyi with, known for his impactful lyrics and passionate vocals, in partnership with Tomi favored shares this new single with the body of Christ called ‘Whole’. Whole is a testament to the completeness power in God’s grace. It’s a declaration that, despite our flaws and shortcomings, we find completeness and freedom in His love lacking and wanting nothing. For we  are complete in Him who is the head of all principalities and powers.  The song is a declaration of what God did through Christ Jesus for the new creations.” The song speaks of the sacrifice of love, where He bore our transgressions and iniquities of many, bringing peace and healing through His stripes. It echoes the joyous declaration of wholeness and freedom, a Hallelujah rising from grateful hearts that understands the freedom found in His 

Tomi Favored, renowned for her dynamic and soul-stirring performances, brings her unique vocal prowess to “Whole.” Her contribution to the song adds an extra layer of emotion, making the anthem an unforgettable experience for listeners. With “Whole,” she continues to inspire listeners with her powerful vocals and heartfelt delivery.


Duyile Adegbuyi is a Gospel Artist, worship leader, songwriter, Pastor and a real estate developer based in the United Kingdom. He is a vibrant and curious individual with a charming and enigmatic personality that helps him captivate and inspire his audiences.

Duyile has a BA in architecture and is an accomplished business professional with over two decades of experience in the real estate space. He is known for his exceptional communication and analytical skills, leadership qualities, clear-eyed confidence, and a sharp eye for detail. Integrity, honesty, communication, and trust in the Lord our God are the core values he lives his life around, and they are reflected in his work. Duyile takes pride in fulfilling his clients’ needs while nurturing his passion for real estate with loyalty, tenacity, and care.

Duyile has been associated with his local church since his boyhood days. He has been a ministry member for over 25 years now. It has been 35 years since Duyile decided to state his quest through music. He conveys his intentions and the Gospel of the Lord with his beautiful and soulful voice. His artistic inspiration is not only to help believers release emotional burdens or stress but also to depict how they need to interpret their surroundings and respond to them in light of the word of God. Duyile explores relationships intimately and universally with his soulful tone and introspective lyrical approach.

His atmospheric, ambient sound has proven highly influential. His music tells a story and enlightens his listeners with the true message in the scriptures, and his lyrics are always fascinating, motivating, unique, and filled with the love and grace of God. In a world drowning in mediocrity, his spirituals have the power to inspire, and they are a beacon of hope for the lost and broken souls.

His dynamic presence creates a real connection with his audience, and his spirituals exude a rare bloom of originality. Duyile is on the mission to encourage Christians to make all parts of their lives dedicated to building God’s kingdom by edifying the faith with everything we do.

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