Deitrick Haddon Unveils Revolutionary Praise & Worship Anthem, “One Day”

Renowned gospel artist Deitrick Haddon announces the release of his latest single, “One Day,” a groundbreaking track that promises to redefine the boundaries of praise and worship music. Known for his innovative approach to gospel, Haddon brings an unprecedented fusion of powerful drum beats and the stirring resonance of bagpipes in this new release.

“One Day” is not just a song; it’s a sonic explosion that encapsulates a profound message of hope and transformation. Haddon’s passionate delivery and the song’s dynamic composition are set to usher the church into a new era of worship music.

Deitrick Haddon describes “One Day” as more than just a melody. It is a bold declaration and a prophetic announcement that foresees a future where war, hatred, and homelessness are relics of the past. This song is a beacon of hope, offering a glimpse into a world filled with peace and love.

The track stands out with its unique blend of traditional gospel elements and unconventional musical instruments, showcasing Haddon’s commitment to breaking new ground in the genre. “One Day” is designed to resonate with a diverse audience, transcending conventional worship music boundaries.

Listeners can expect to be moved and inspired as “One Day” takes them on a spiritual journey that promises to leave a lasting impact. This song is set to be a staple in worship sessions and a favorite among fans of gospel music.

“One Day” is available now on all major streaming platforms. Join Deitrick Haddon in this transformative musical experience that is set to make waves in the world of gospel music.


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