Deitrick Haddon – Yesu (Jesus) ft. Moses Bliss, Kingdmusic, Guya

In the realm of Christian music, the remarkable vocal virtuoso and profound wordsmith, Minister Deitrick Haddon, unveils a mesmerizing melodic opus entitled “Yesu (JESUS).”This celestial composition has been meticulously crafted under the divine guidance of the Almighty, serving as a catalyst for believers worldwide to engage in genuine and profound worship. 

This fresh and unprecedented composition proves to be an ideal accompaniment for your daily spiritual gatherings and acts of devotion. Secure your copy now, and play a pivotal role in disseminating this spiritually potent symphony among your circle of friends and beloved family members.
Yesu (Jesus) Lyrics by Deitrick Haddon ft. Moses BlissVerse 1 (Deitrick Haddon)
I’m an international singer
Yeah imma kingdom believer
Yeah I was being in America
But my roots come from Africa
I dance to the rhythm of love
Freedom is in my blood
No chains holding me
All because of Jesus

This generation
Won’t even say the name of Jesus
The Devil’s a liar
He’s nothing but a deceiver

Tell me what you know about him
I really can live without him
Jesus Yesu
Jesus Yesu Yesu

Verse 2 (Moses Bliss)
Fall to your knees
Bow to the King
Sound the alarm
Make it loud for the people
Stand at attention never at ease
Kiniyun eya Judah don Dey reign o
Mutumina allow me to introduce
The reason all my sorrows
Ooooohhh o ti lo
I’m gonna sing it on top of my voice cause I know say

No competition
More than a beacon
Made me the light of the world
On a mission
Died on the cross
And rose from the dead
And over and over again
I’ll be praising JESUS!


Verse 3 (KingDMusic)
Igama Lakhe liyasundisa (His name saves)
Jesu uyangi philisa (Jesus, in you I live )
Dunzini la lufu ndi na mulisa (In the valley of death, He is with me)
Na madembe ua a ita (He still performs miracles)
Ahuna ane a mufhira (No other name is above His name)
Mudzimu wanga uya zwikona (My God is able)
Kana ndi kho lwala u ya mphodza (When I’m sick He heals me)
Ndi khosi ane ua mbona (God knows my name)
Ahuna ahuna ano fana naye (No one is like Him)
Angekho angekho onjengawe (No other God like You)

Verse 4 (Guya)
Everybody put your hands up high
If your down lift your head To the sky
Put your war clothes on
Time to man up
Join in the movement
Everybody stand up

His name is above every name
Jesus is the coldest in the game
I wanna hear them shout it in the streets
He’s the goat undefeated means he can be beat!
Join the movement

In the name of Jesus
In the name of Jesus
Power in the name of
In the name of Jesus
In the name of Jesus
In the name of Jesus
Power in the name of
In the name
In the name of Jesus


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