Curtain Call [EP] by Moriah

With over 2-million streams as well as appearances on Good Morning America, That Sounds Fun podcast with Annie F. Downs, and I Am Second, MORIAH (Smallbone) is releasing a new EP entitled Curtain Call.


The American Idol alum shares, “For many years, I was looking for permission to express the sounds I was hearing in my head. It wasn’t until I decided to produce by myself that I was able to uncover my own healing.”


MORIAH describes the production process this way: “Maybe you’ve heard these lyrics before. But not like this. Every rhythm element, synth sound, texture, bass line, and guitar strum came from my fingers. It’s imperfect, it’s messy, it’s experimental and it’s from my heart. To yours. Each song has come back for its ‘Curtain Call.’ To say thank you, in its most honest form, for your love, your friendship, and your honesty. You are known, seen, and loved.”




Genre: AC/Inspo

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