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Artist Spotlight – Juliana Ehada

Meet Juliana Ehada, a UK-based Nigerian gospel singer whose scintillating vocals and heartfelt worship have been touching lives and spreading the word of God. Known for her ability to lead worship with an unparalleled passion, Juliana’s musical journey is a testament to her love for God and her dedication to sharing His message through song.

Juliana’s musical journey began at a very young age. Growing up, she was an active member of the children’s choir, where her talent and love for music started to bloom. This early exposure to music and worship laid the foundation for what would become a thriving career in gospel music.

The Birth of a Worship Leader

Her deep-seated love for God and passion for music led Juliana to write and record her first album, Worship the King, in 2016. This debut album marked a significant milestone in her career, turning out to be a huge success. The album’s reception was overwhelmingly positive, with high sales of CDs and numerous testimonies from people whose lives were touched by her music.

Worship the King features six powerful tracks, each one pointing to the sovereignty of God and celebrating His incredible presence in our lives as believers. The album was later expanded with the addition of two more singles, enhancing its impact and reach. Through her music, Juliana emphasizes the greatness of God, encouraging listeners to reflect on His goodness and mercy.

Juliana Ehada’s style of music is a beautiful blend of contemporary gospel and indigenous Nigerian languages, creating a unique and engaging listening experience. Her songs resonate with a wide audience, bridging cultural gaps and bringing people together in worship.

At the heart of Juliana’s music is a clear and unwavering goal: to populate the kingdom of God through singing. Every note she sings and every song she writes is a testament to this mission. Her passion for worship and her commitment to spreading the gospel through music continue to inspire and uplift many.

As Juliana prepares to release her previous album and singles on digital platforms, she is also working on new music to share with the world. Her dedication to her craft and her faith promises even more inspiring and soul-stirring music in the near future.

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